30 Contoh Soal Preposition ‘Complete The Blank’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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30 Contoh Soal Preposition ‘Complete The Blank’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

Contoh Soal Preposition 'Complete The Blank' Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap
Contoh Soal Preposition ‘Complete The Blank’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

Hai sahabat SBI yang sedang bersemangat belajar bahasa inggris, materi kita kali ini berhubungan dengan preposition dalam bahasa inggris ya, sahabat SBI masih paham bukan dengan penjelasan mengenai preposition? Nah, jika sudah paham sekarang saat nya kita berlatih mengenai preposition dalam bahasa inggris ya, check this out 🙂

1.Alex is afraid______snakes

2.I don’t understand that sentence. It isn’t clear____me

3.Mark twain is famous____his novels about life on the missisipi in the nineteenth century.

4.I am hungry______some chocolate ice cream

5.Our daughter graduated from the university. We’re very proud____her

6.A lot of sugar isn’t good____you. Sugar is especially bad____your teeth.

7.Who was responsible____the accident?

8.My coat is similar_____yours, but different____ben’s

9.Some people aren’t friendly_____strangers

10.My daughter is crazy______horses. She is very interested___horses

12.Are you aware____the number of children who die each day throughout the world? according the one report, 40,000 children die each day throughtout the world, mostly due to mainutrition and lack of minimal medical care.

13.History is the study of events that occured____the past

14.We don’t know what will happen____the future

15.Newspapers report events that happen____the present

16.Lat year I was a junior in high school_____present, I am a senior high school

17.I am a student_______ the present time, but I will graduate next month

18.Ms.walker can’t come to the phone right now. She’s in meeting ____the moment

19.I usually take a walk____the morning before I go to work

20.Frank likes to take a nap_____the afternoon.

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21.our family enjoys spending time together____the evening

22.our children always stay home____night

23.I ate lunch_____noon

24.I got home_____midnight

25.I moved to this city_____september

26.I moved here_____1990

27.I moved here_____september 1990

28.I work____the morning____the afternoon, I have an English class.

29._____wednesday, I work all day_____thursday, I have an English class.

30.______thursday afternoon, I have an english class.

Happy Studying Sahabat SBI 🙂

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