3 Cerita Lucu Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate!

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3 Cerita Lucu Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate!

www.sekolahbahasainggris.com- Apakah sahabat suka sekali dengan cerita yang super duper kocak? Nah cerita kocak ataupun humor itu sebenarnya sama. Ya, sama-sama menghibur para pembaca yang melihat dan membacanya.

3 Cerita Lucu Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate!
3 Cerita Lucu Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate!

Tahukah anda dengan membaca cerita-cerita yang kocak dan lucu dalam bahasa Inggris kalian punya banyak keuntungan, diantaranya kalian bisa mengasah kemampuan kalian sehingga menjadi fasih berbahasa Inggris, dan juga tentunya kalian akan terhibur dengan guyonan yang mantap.

Salah satu cerita lucu terdapat di spoof text seperti yang pernah dibahasa [Read:1000 Penjelasan Lengkap Spoof Text Dan Contohnya]

Jika kalian butuh cerita lucu pendek yang kocak dan menggelitikk, yuk dilihat contoh-contoh cerita lucu pendek dibawah ini:

  1. Saturday Night

In lovely day, there are a couple that want to spent a time in satnite party in some place, they were in girl’s house. The man plan to picked her girlfriend up to the romantic place.

Girl: Baby, sweety, where we want to hang out to tonight?

Man: Wherever you wants!

Girl: Really? In a fancy restaurants, with a romantic place near beach?

Man;Yeah, sure!

Girl:Really? Oh sweaty, will you pay it all?

Man; Of course, but by your own.. (he smiles)

Girl: -.-

  1. Happy New year!

In some condition, there are a 3 men would spent a new year by their own, they have a conversation:

Raju: Michael, Patrick, where you wanna go in new year night?

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Michael(Have a girl): I will go to the beach and burn the fire works with my girl.

Patrick(LDR): I will go to the beach and burn fire works and send it to my girls by Instagram

Raju: Wow, fantastic!

Michael: And you raju?

Raju(Single): I will go to the beach and burn my ex-girl’s photos and be crying!

Michael and Raju: What The…… (-.-)

  1. Googling

In the classes, there are two student are studying a history class. They are so confused to facing the next paper task that must be submitted to the teacher tomorrow.

Patrick: Have you done the task of history class?

Sandye: Yes, I have.

Patrick: Really?

Sandye: Yeah, I had been looking for the materials in the google.

Patrick:Does the google street so far from here? If yes, I don’t want to go there, it is so tiring!

Sandye; Hah? What the…. (-.-)

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