Perubahan Tense Ketika Menggunakan Reporting Speech dan Contoh Kalimatnya Lengkap

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Biasanya, tenses dalam report speech adalah salah satu tense back in time dari tense dalam direct speech:

Juanita said, “I am happy.” = Juniata said that she was happy.

Phrase in Direct Speech Equivalent in Reported Speech
Simple present Simple past
“Jerry always eat bubble gum”, Tom said They said that Jerry always eat bubble gum.
Present continuous Past continuous
“Somad is walking on the alley”, Nipon argued. Nipon argued that Somad was walking on the alley
Simple past Past perfect
“Many Children sank at the river last month”, Marwan said. Marwan said that Many children was sunk at the river last month.
Present perfect Past perfect
“Jerry has been to Jakarta”, they told me. They told me that they had been to Jakarta.
Past perfect Past perfect
“Geremy had just burned out the paper,” Guramy said. Guramy said that Geremy had just burned out the paper.
Present perfect continuous. Past perfect continuous
Parman told Samsu, “hendi have been playing video game for hours”. Parman told Samsu that Hendi had been playing video game for hours.
Past continuous Past perfect continuous
“Supramono was leaving his mother in jail”, His father told me. His mother told Sangkuni that Supramono had been leaving his mother in jail.
Future Present conditional
“Ikhwan will be in Ulubelu on Sunday”, Mukhlis said. Mukhlis said that Ikhwan would be in Ulubelu on Sunday.
Future continuous. Conditional continuous
Rumano said, “Suty will be cooking the cake tomorrow”. Rumano said that Suty would be cooking the cake tomorrow.

 Perubahan Tense Ketika Menggunakan Reporting Speech dan Contoh Kalimatnya Lengkap

Kita tidak perlu mengubah tense jika reporting verbnya ada dalam bentuk present, atau jika pernyataan aslinya adalah tentang sesuatu yang masih benar, misalnya

  • Jerry says he has missed the bus but he’ll catch the next one.
  • Somebody explained that it is very difficult to find our office.

Might, could, would, should, ought to. Modal verbs ini tidak berubah dalam kalimat bentuk report speech

  • Jerry explained, “It could be easy to find Bang Jarwo’s House.” = I explained that it could be easy to find Bang Jarwo’s house.
  • Adit said, “I might bring our family to Ulubelu.” = Adit said that he might bring their family to Ulubelu.

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