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Kumpulan Kosakata Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contoh Kalimat

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Kumpulan Kosakata Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contoh Kalimat – Dibawah ini adalah kosakata Bahasa Inggris yang paling umum. Kumpulan kosakata dibawah ini dilengkapi dengan contoh kalimat dan jenis kata-kata yang tersajikan dalam bentuk tabel.

 english vocabulary


Believe Percaya Verb /bɪ’li:v/ 2 Trust Unbeliever I believe with you.
Bell Lonceng Noun /bel/ 1 The bell is ringing at 7.30 am.
Belong Milik Verb /bi’lɔɳ/ 2 Mine This book belongs to me.
Belt Sabuk Noun /belt/ 1 Strap He tightened his belt.
Bend Membelok Verb /bend/ 1 Curve Incurve The road bends to the right.
Benefit Manfaat Noun /’benefit/ 3 Advantage Disadvantage The benefit of fresh air and exercise.
Bid Menawarkan Verb /bid/ 1 Offer Unoffered She bid the man a cup of tea.
Big Besar Adj /big/ 1 Large Little Elephants are a big animal.
Bill Tagihan Noun /bil/ 1 List The waiters give me a bill.
Bind Mengikat Verb /baind/ 1 Tie Unbind The doctor binds up the patient.
Bird burung Noun /bᴣ:d/ 1 fowl The bird flies on the tree.
Birth kelahiran Noun /bᴣ:θ/ 1 born dead I will celebrate my birthday.
Bit kekang Noun /bit/ 1 bridle free He put the bit in the horse’s mouth.
Bite gigitan Verb /bait/ 1 sting Take a big bite in this cake.
Bitter pahit Adj /’bitər/ 2 sweet They exchanged the bitter words.
Black hitam Adj /blæk/ 1 dark white There are many blacks in Africa.
Blame menyalahkan Verb / bleim/ 1 accuse She blames me to going there.
Blanket selimut noun /blængkit/ 2 cover Snow blanketed the area.
Bless memberkati Verb /bles/ 1 favour curse The priest blessed the old man.
Blind Buta Adj /’blaind/ 1 Unwarranted, shelter, hiding place Public places, outdoor The hunter uses a blind
Block blok noun /blak/ 1 roll Do you live in this block?
Blood darah noun /blʌd/ 1 flesh He is Italian blood.
Blouse blus noun /blaʊz/ 1 She wears a beautiful blouse.
Blow pukulan noun /blaʊ/ 1 stroke slatter His blow is very hard.
Blue biru adj /blu:/ 1 fold Blue is my favorite color.
Board papan noun /bowrd/ 1 ship She writes on the board.
Boast membual verb /baʊst/ 1 swagger honest He boasts too much.
Boat perahu noun /baʊt/ 1 ship Let’s go for a boat ride!
Body tubuh noun /’bodi/ 2 trunk I have pain in my body.
Boil mendidih verb /bᴐil/ 1 scathe The water boils.
Bold gagah adj /baʊld/ 1 brave Hesitant He made bold to get married.
Bond ikatan noun /band/ 1 bundle He can release the bond.
Bone tulang noun /baʊn/ 1 spine Meat He broke a bone in his arm.
Book buku noun /bʊk/ 1 knuckle I bought a new book.
Boot Sepatu bot Noun /bu:t/ 1 footwear I wear boots.
Border batas noun /’bᴐ:də(r) 2 limit unlimited He passed the border.
Bore membosankan Verb /bᴐ:(r)/ 1 Feed up Spirit The performance is bore.
Born melahirkan verb /bᴐ:n/ 1 natal Dead She had born a funny baby.
Borrow meminjam verb /barəʊ/ 2 lend Return She borrowed my book.
Bottle botol noun /’batl/ 2 The bottle was broke.
Bottom Dasar,  bawah noun /botəm/ 2 Base, under On, above He repairs the bottom of this chair.
Bound loncatan noun /baʊnd/ 1 jump With a single bound, he was on the porch.
Bow menundukkan verb /baʊ/ 1 prow He made a deep bow before the King.
Bowl mangkuk noun /bowl/ 2 cup I take the noodles in the bowl.
Box kotak noun /baks/ 1 cubicle Give me two boxes of apples!
Boy Anak  laki-laki noun /bᴐi/ 1 man girl The boy was going to the office.
Brain otak noun /brain/ 1 sense They have brilliant brain.
Branch cabang Noun /bra:nts/ 1 bough I cut the branch
Brave berani adj /breiv/ 1 Strange afraid We will have to brave.
Bread roti noun /bred/ 1 Bun, bakery My mother buys some bread for me.
Break memecahkan Verb /breik/ 1 Broken He breaks my heart.
Breakfast sarapan noun /brekfəst/ 2 dinner My aunt prepared me breakfast.
Breast dada noun /brest/ 1 chest Ana cleaned her boyfriend’s breast.
Breath nafas noun /breth/ 1 blowing Whiff Take a deep breath.
Breathe menghirup verb /brieth/ 1 In hale Exhale, blow Don’t breathe this foul air.
Brick Batu bata noun /brik/ 1 ambivalent Board This glue is as hard as the brick.
Bridge jembatan noun /brij/ 1 Bond Between We must bridges the gap between them.
Brief Lapporan singkat noun /bri:f/ 1 report The lawyer prepared a brief of this case.
Bright cemerlang adj /brait/ 1 shine dark She has a bright deposition.
Bring membawa verb /briŋ/ 1 carry leave I bring some food for you.
Broad luas adj /brᴐd/ 1 wide narrow Broad experience in the investment field.
Broadcast menyiarkan verb /brᴐdkast/ 2 publication secret A broadcast appeal for doctors.
Brook selokan noun /brʊk/ 1 drain There is much garbage in the brook.
Brother Saudara laki-laki noun /brʌdə(r)/ 2 son sister I have two brothers.
Brow Alis, kening noun /braw/ 1 forehead I raised my brow at that statement.
Brown cokelat adj /brawn/ 1 I like brown color very much.
Brush sikat noun /brʌs/ 1 Brush my teeth
Build membangun verb pulldown 1 construct The worker builds the house.
Building bangunan noun /’bildiŋ/ 2 The building is near from there.
Burden beban noun /’bərdən/ 1 Load This burden is so heavy.
Burn membakar verb /bərn/ 1 fire extinguish It was second degree burn.
Burst meledakan verb /bərst/ 1 Blow up A burst of laughter.
Bury mengubur verb /’berie/ 1 grave dig He was buried yesterday.
Bus Bis noun /bɅs/ 1 car The bus had gone.
Bush Semak-semak noun /busy/ 1 underbrush That bush need pruning.
Bushel gantang noun /’busyəl/ 2 quart A bushel of potatoes.
Business perusahaan Noun /’biznəs/ 2 company It is the grocery business.
Busy sibuk adj /’bizie/ 2 occupied Today is a busy day.
Butter mentega noun /’bɅtər/ 2 margarine He buys a can of butter.
Button kancing noun /’bʌtən/ 2 knot Press the elevator button.
Buy membeli verb /bai/ 1 purchase sell I buy a can of milk.
Cab taksi noun /kæb/ 1 taxi He is a cab driver.
Cabin pondok noun /’kæbin/ 2 cottage Those cabin cruisers were good.
Cake kue noun /keik/ 1 bread A slice of cake.
Call memanggil verb /kᴐl/ 1 summon reject They call me mega.
Calm tenang adj /ka(l)m/ 1 quite Calm developed in the cold wear.
Camera kamera noun /kæmərə/ 3 Cameras prohibited
Camp perkemahan noun /kæmp/ 1 This camp so excellent.
Campaign kampanye noun /kæmpein/ 2 They held a campaign.
Can kaleng noun /kæn/ 2  It is a can of sadden.
Canal terusan noun /kənæl/ 2 Long Suez canal
Candy permen noun /’kændie/ 1  Children like candy very much.
Cap topi noun /kæp/ 3 hat The man wears a cap.
Capital modal noun /’kæpətəl/ 2 Capital for investment.
Car mobil noun /kar/ 1 My father washes the car.
Card kartu noun /ka:d/ 1 My memory card was full.
Care perhatian noun /kær/ 1 attention He was care with me.
Carriage Kereta kuda noun /’kærie/ 2 wagon He is a driver of carriage.
Carry membawa verb /’kӕri/ 2 bring let He’ll carry my bag.
Cart kereta noun /kart/ 1 wagon The cart was drowning by a horse.